Pedernales Falls State Park

some pics from Pedernales Falls State Park, a really nice little hikin’ and campin’ and swimmin’ spot in the Texas Hill Country. really rad geology too – the river itself has carved down through the Cretaceous and exposed some Pennsylvanian limestones (the Marble Falls Fm) that even preserves some crinoids! real neat to see some older rocks (and some tectonic tilt in the ol’ strata, a rarity in this part of the world).

neat thing about the Pedernales (and something that most of these ephemeral river systems in the southwest share) is that, while it’s often merely a gentle trickle, SOMETIMES it’s a goddamn raging torrent. the limestone bed of the river exposed here has lots of incredibly deep slot canyon where some absolutely screamin’ flows must’ve just buzzsawed down through the rock, and there’s even a humungous erosive pothole VERTICALLY oriented in the rocky cutbank!

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