Toadstones, 2022 (Malarkey Books) A collection of 16 weird tales, 292 pp., available here.


Doomtown” Malarkey Books, November 24, 2022 (Nominated for a 2022 Pushcart)

Erichtho and the Cumaen Sibyl Walk Into A Bar…” Cold Signal, Issue 1, Fall 2022

Saucer People” Nocturne Magazine, Issue 2, October 2022

La Silampa” Hellarkey, October 2022 (limited edition Halloween zine from Malarkey Books)

St. Grobian’s Midnite Raffle” Death of Print, July 6 2022

Special Delivery” Short Story, Three Crows Magazine Issue #10, February 2022, for sale here

99Tc,” Short Fiction, Firmament Volume 1 Number 4 [also available (beautifully) in print here], October 2021

And here’s the naked stem of thorns…” Short Story, Across the Margin, October 5 2020

Recyclables” Short Story, Protean Magazine, July 17 2020

“Iceman” Short Story, King Ludd’s Rag, No. 1 (print available here; pdf available here), June 2020

Tetragrammaton” Flash Fiction, The Molotov Cocktail, issue 10.12, January 31, 2020 (Nominated for Best Small Fictions 2020)

Triptych” Short Story, Malarkey Books Derelict Fiction (originally this piece was published in Queen Mob’s Tea House, June 21, 2019, but after it was revealed that the Editor-in-Chief of Queen Mob’s Tea House was a disgusting sex pest, I had it removed.)

Haruspex” Short Story, Unbroken, Issue 13, April 1 2017 (Nominated for a 2018 Pushcart)

Sweeping the Threshold” Short Story, Syntax and Salt, Issue 2, July 1 2016

Penanggalan” Short Story, Noble/Gas Quarterly 202.4 Electric  Resistance, December 17  2015 (the magazine Noble/Gas Quarterly appears to have folded, so the link goes to an archive.org capture of the story)

Saṃsāra” Flash Fiction, Five 2 One Magazine, September 8 2015

Rack and Ruin” Flash Fiction, Holding Antlers, March 27 2015

Striped Suits are In this Year” Flash Fiction, Mash Stories, March 2015

Seachange” Short Story, Wyvern Lit, Issue 3, Fall 2014

Lure“, Flash Fiction, Oblong, October 2014

Samizdat” Flash Fiction, Squawk Back, February 2014


What Does It Mean To Be Human? ‘Blade Runner’ And Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dream” Bitter Empire, June 24 2015

‘Confessions Of A Crap Artist:’ Leave It To The French To Do A Semi-Decent Philip K. Dick Movie Adaptation” Bitter Empire, June 8 2015

Hey, Richard Linklater: It’s ‘A Scanner Darkly’ Not ‘A Scanner Dank-ly’” Bitter Empire, May 11 2015

Screamers: Super Canadian, Super Peter Weller, Super…Numismatics?” Bitter Empire, April 23 2015

We Can Forget ‘Total Recall’ For You Wholesale” Bitter Empire, April 9 2015

Minority Report: The Unbearable Loudness of Spielberg” Bitter Empire, April 1 2015

Paycheck to Paycheck: Philip K. Dick meets John Woo” Bitter Empire, March 23 2015

How D.H. Lawrence and World War I Saved Moby DickThe Airship, September 30 2014

‘The Classics’ are not Timeless” The Airship, September 15 2014


The Road Never Ends: a review of Craig Rodger’s DRIFT” in Reckon Review, Apr 7 2023

MYSTERY TRAIN, a novella by Can Xue, reviewed by Eric Williams, book review for Heavy Feather Review, Feb 2023

CONDEMNED TO CYMRU, a novel by M.J. Nicholls, reviewed by Eric Williams, book review for Heavy Feather Review, May 2022



Two Horror Peeps at Malarkey: Lauren Bolger in conversation with Eric Williams (a great conversation between me and Lauren Bolger, author of Kill Radio, about all sorts of horror and horror-adjacent topics), Malarkey Books Feb 16 2023

Ghoulish Podcast ep. 163. Pulp Magazines with Eric Williams! (a fun discussion w/ Max Booth III about the history of early 20th C. pulp magazine publishing)

‘Toadstones:’ Eric Williams’ Love Letter To The Weird & Uncanny! in A Good Book to End the Day, July 2022

BOOK REVIEW: TOADSTONES BY ERIC WILLIAMS in Musings of the Monster Librarian, June 2022

Indie recommends Indie by Amanda Pampuro on Armed With a Book, May 2022 (capsule review of Toadstones)

“A Brief Flash of Strangeness”: Adam McPhee in Conversation with TOADSTONES Author Eric Williams in Heavy Feather Review, March 2022

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