Death of Twitter

felt like i needed to post something here, what with the ONLY blog entry being an announcement about a (very nice!) review of a story of mine from a million years ago. i think the link is broken anyway, since the site it was posted on doesn’t exist anymore. speaking of which…

the collapse of twitter under the inept hand of apartheid-era emerald mine heir and famous idiot elon musk seems nigh, doesn’t it? i mean, there’s a lot of extremely hilarious leaks coming out from the meetings and whatnot, all of ’em making it clear that he’s coasted through his whole life based solely on the power of being a rich guy with no actual talents or creativity or personality. at first i kinda assumed that the advertiser flight would be reversed after a week or two while the shitshow got sorted, but i’m not so sure now – really seems like the whole worm-riddled structure is imploding.

i think i started on twitter in like 2013 or something, although that original account got banned when i said i hoped elon musk would die in one of his vanity space rockets (fingers still crossed on that one). but it’s been a while at, decade or so, and while twitter always seemed to get stupider and stupider (and really only ever existed as a personal data mine for advertisers), i had fun on there! met some nice, good, funny folks, but mostly i enjoyed finding writing that i never in a million years would’ve found otherwise, and i do think the loss of that is something to mourn.

it is a good chance to reflect on the impermanence of all this, though – the idea that stuff lasts forever on the internet is just another of those comforting delusions we’re all so good at. anyway, i think i’ll stroll on down to my neighborhood bar, have a beer, do some readin’ out on the porch before the rain comes in overnight.

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