Halloween 2020

Okay, let’s not belabor things – there’s plenty to be scared of these days, but it isn’t the fun kind of scared. Existential dread takes its toll, and sometimes what you really want is a break from the creeping certainty that we’re irreversibly fucked. Sometimes what you need is the simple chance to just be, like, scared of a spooky skeleton or something, you know!? Anyway, that’s the dilemma these days: how do you get into the proper mood for Halloween when all this shit is hanging over you?

Back in 2018, faced with similar trouble, I stumbled upon a fun little brain reprograming. I’d free-write spooky stories, with no prior planning or time to think, with the goal of having a finished piece of haunted and/or monstrous fiction done by the end of the day. In that prior iteration, I ended up with something like 75K words written by the end of October, a bundle of fun stories that tricked my brain into getting into the Halloween Spirit.

So that’s what I’ll be doing again for this October. Free-written stories, NO EDITTING, with the goal being a new story every few days (that won’t happen, but you gotta try!) Links to the stories below.



10/04 – The 23 Southbound

10/14 – A Gentleman of Hispalis