Halloween 2018

It’s grim times, for sure, and I desperately need a distraction. So, in an attempt to, however briefly, escape from the actual Hell we’re living through right now, I thought I might undertake a special writing project this Halloween Season. I’m going to try and do a little Halloween story-a-day, written quick-n-dirty over lunch breaks and in the bits of interstitial time I can steal. Nothing gross or violent, but hopefully kind of weird and, maybe, spooky? Anyway, here they are, enjoy!

10/15 – The Dead Man’s Knock

10/12 – Saucer People

10/11 – The Piezoelectric Effect

10/09 – The Boramez

10/08 – Doomtown

10/07 – Hogna xibalbae

10/06 – Waking Dr. Hatch

10/05 – Mud Logging

10/04 – Space Station Werewolf, Part II

10/03 – Space Station Werewolf, Part I

10/02 – La Silampa

10/01 – Special Delivery